Peggy Saferstein, Co-Founder

Peggy graduated from UC Berkeley and received her Masters in Education at Lesley University. She earned her certificate in college counseling from UCLA Extension. Before becoming a college counselor she was a teacher and director of a computer camp. Because she has always enjoyed working with high school students, she decided to become an independent college counselor.

Besides working with her clients, Peggy has helped hundreds of underserved students through the Constitutional Rights Foundation internship program (and was honored by CRF for this work in 2007 with the Lloyd M. Smith Award), Camp College (LAUSD) and the College Access Project in Montebello. She has helped formulate WACAC and NACAC programs and has presented sessions at their conferences.

Peggy serves on the boards of the Constitutional Rights Foundation and Creative Education Partners (organizations that strive to help high school students) and is a member of IECA (Independent Education Consultants Association).

In addition to helping high school students gain admission to college, she also advises college students with disciplinary problems at the colleges they are attending.